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Phab ej beer

Vangolds Corporation, Inc. presents PhabEj Beer, a very special Hmong beverage brewed in California which is home to one of the largest Hmong American population in the United States. We present you our Hmong beverage recipe which have ties with our culture and family tradition dating back to 6,000 years old in Asia. Today, you can cherish Hmong beer and experience with friends and families as you toast with PhabEj Beer, one of the finest beverages of its kind. PhabEj, meaning hero, is in all of us. We hope you enjoy PhabEj Beer and unleash the hero inside of you in your own unique way. Cheers!

Hmmm, smooth and great taste.

  • Alcohal % 4.5 by volume
  • Calories 145 per12 fl.oz.
  • Fat og Per 12fl.Oz.
  • Carbs 10g per 12 fl.oz.